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Freelance task office management Hosts for event hosting Packing and order preparation

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How Side works

simple worker status

Simple and protective work status

Work immediatly thanks to the intérimaire status, with a full social protection.

the best app to work

The best app to work

Contracts, payslips, calendar: everything in the app, no more papers.

custom experience

Custom experience

Gain more experience and bonuses thanks to the fidelity program.

Quotes Icons
"I'll be looking for a full-time job next year and want to get more work experience. Traditional temp agencies didn’t appeal, and Side was a good fit as it’s got a great range of job types with interesting companies."

By your Side at every stage

Side is with you at every step, and we're here to keep your experience stress free and simple.

missions around you

New tasks near you every day

well paid missions

A pre-negotiated and guaranteed fee (all tasks above the minimum wage, with min £8/hr)

work with protection

Insured for every task

automated payment

Fast and secure online payment.

earn new competencies

Online quizz to test your skills

mission online support

Support team to answer all your questions

The new standard on the temp work market

  • No papers, no need to go in an agency
  • No need to have the self-employed status
  • Just have to be over 18 years old and authorized to work in France
  • You'll need a smartphone, everything happens on the mobile app
  • Raw salary of 13,16€ per hour on Side