You will find here all you need to know concerning the pricing, advantages and the first steps on Side.

Transparent pricing

Payment is charged by the hour from £10/hr to £12.50/hr

Settlement at the end of the task

You pay once the Sider completes the task

Volume discounts

Receive a discount when you work over time with the same Siders

Start a task

What there is to know

Our hourly rate as stated includes both the Sider’s service and Side’s commission. No hidden fees.

A 20% VAT is charged only on Side’s commission. Siders do not charge VAT on their fee as they are registered as self employed.



A dedicated team is available if you have questions



We put through only the top 10% of applicants to your task.



We fulfil 95% of task postings in 24 hours, and the rest in a few days.



Pricing is billed by the hour, from £10/hr.



Submit a request and add your details - the process takes only a few minutes



The entire billing and payment process is handled through our partner Stripe

Frequently asked questions

What information is needed to post a task?
How far in advance should I post a task (before the task start date)?
What is the minimum duration for a Side task?
How do I cancel or change a task once it’s been posted?
Can I meet/talk to Siders selected prior to the task starting?
Can I work with the same Sider again?
How can I be certain a Sider is properly registered as self employed, and eligible to work?
Why leave a review of your Sider?
Are companies rated by Siders?
What happens once payment is due?
How often will I receive invoices?
How long do I have to pay an invoice?
At what point will I be required to enter my payment details?
Is your platform secure for sending payments?
How do I choose the payment method?
Are there any other payment options?

More questions?

Please read our FAQ section or send us an email at and we’re happy to help. We usually respond within 24 hours.

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